Tips for a Successful Remodeling Project

No matter how much you may love your kitchen or bathroom in the beginning, over time tastes and needs change and it might be time to consider remodeling them. Many homeowners go with remodeling over moving, especially if in other regards their homes are a good fit for them and their family. However, before getting online to find a contractor, there are some things a homeowner should think about If they are interested in remodeling their home.

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What Works, What Doesn’t

The first step of any remodeling is a pro and con list of what currently works and what needs to be changed. Not only what needs to be changed but what needs to be changed in order of importance for the more major changes in a space especially one with plumbing like a kitchen or a bathroom, the higher the potential cost. Is the homeowner looking for counter or cabinet space? These kinds of changes can be accomplished with new cabinetry, but if the problem is major such as the workflow of the kitchen doesn’t work, then this can lead to major costs.

What’s The Budget?

Once a wish list is constructed, the next step is considering the budget and this will tell how many of those wishes a homeowner can expect to come true. A kitchen or bathroom remodel can begin as low as a few hundred dollars and go up to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the extent of the remodel. Another thing to keep in mind is ROI or return on investment if there is a chance the home may be sold in the future. While upscale kitchens and bathrooms can increase the value of a home, it is a good thing to keep in mind what is comparable for the neighborhood. A 50,000-dollar kitchen in a neighborhood where 20,000-dollar kitchens are the norm could make the homeowner end up with a home they can’t sell or only sell at a lost.

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Picking The Right Contractor

The right contractor can make the difference between a remodel that goes like a dream and one that goes like a nightmare. The internet can show the homeowner before and after pictures, but they cannot tell the potential client how working with this contractor was in reality. At least not without a lot more investigative work than merely looking at websites. Sites like Angie’s List and Homevestors allow customers to leave feedback on the contractor’s performance and are well worth reading to get an idea of what working with this contractor was like.

However the best place to begin when forming a list of potential contractors is with friends and family. If the homeowner knows someone who’s had a remodel lately, this can be a valuable resource for finding a good contractor or knowing the contractors to avoid. No less than three bids should be taken on a job and more if the job is bigger or more expensive.