Small Bathroom? No Problem!

small bathroom So you walk into your bathroom, that you have unfortunately neglected to update in the past ten years, and think to yourself, “I need a change!” Where to go from there? Get in contact with a professional at to have a second opinion. A full overhaul remodel may not be necessary, sometimes a bathroom just needs a fresh coat of paint and some new fixtures to make it shine.

Make sure you add a large mirror over the vanity! Mirrors make the space seem much larger than they actually are, without actually having to add square footage. Another great idea is to add some built in storage behind the toilet, that way the storage is not in the way of anything; however, you have it. It can be used for either decorations, towels, or extra toilet paper.

When it comes to flooring in a bathroom do not think you have to stick with just tile! Hardwood floors and bamboo floors work nicely in bathrooms too. Just remember that if you go with hardwood floors make sure the beams run the length of the space, this will help elongate the room and make it appear larger. Some people do not necessarily know this, but bamboo is a very durable product for flooring as well. Not only is it 100% natural, it creates a really pretty element to any space, especially a bathroom!

Do not forget about the lighting! Lighting is essential in creating space and symmetry in a smaller bathroom. The brighter a room looks the larger it is going to look. So try adding extra lights over the mirror, and maybe another light over the toilet to really make the space pop. You could also try adding lighting underneath the cabinets, it is hidden but will still give you that glow when you walk into the space.

small bathroom When it comes to the fixtures you go with, it does depend on your vanity cabinet selection and what colors you decide to go with. But if it is a hall bathroom, your fixture do not need to be crazy! Keep it simple, maybe just adding a center set faucet that does not take up to much of the counter space.

Remember, remodels are suppose to be fun! It is going to be stressful; however, if you prepare yourself and plan it out you can make the process a lot easier on yourself and your family.