Kitchen Remodeling

Bring New Life To An Old Home With A Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodelingThough most homes have formal living rooms or family rooms, the kitchen is inevitably the location where families spend an enormous amount of time together. So whether you have recently purchased an older home or your home simply needs a breath of fresh air, a kitchen remodel can make all the difference. Because your family spends so much time there, it only makes sense that you give it the attention required to make your kitchen, not just a functional place to prepare a meal, but also a warm and inviting place to be with the people that are most important to you. Here are six suggestions for remodeling that will bring new life to an old kitchen.

It is not uncommon for an older home to have a kitchen that is a room unto itself, separated from formal dining rooms or living rooms. Creating open spaces will connect your kitchen to dining and living areas. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Creating an opening in a wall or removing the wall completely are viable options in most homes. Removing the wall between a kitchen and formal dining room instantly creates more space for more people to gather, provides seating connected to the kitchen space, and opens of the flow of traffic between where the food is prepared and where it is served.

A simple and inexpensive way to brighten up your kitchen is to add a splash of color. Many older kitchens include wood cabinets and earth tone counters and colors. Color changes can be effective without hiring contractors or designers. Cabinets can be painted. Brightly colored window treatments can provide a colorful frame to an otherwise colorless window. Even colored canisters and storage containers on a counter top can brighten up a dull, colorless space.

kitchen remodelingIncreasing the amount of sunlight coming into your kitchen is a natural way to make the space more inviting and comfortable. Larger windows and skylights create natural lighting in your kitchen and are surprisingly affordable. Removing bulky blinds, shades and curtains will also increase the amount of sunlight coming into the space. Natural lighting is almost always the better choice over electric lighting. It is cost effective, energy efficient, and even offers the health benefits that come with natural sunlight.